Trying out VS. Playing around

Giants, 11 World Champs

As a RECRUITER, it is frustrating when hiring managers and HR managers  treat “recruits” like generic applicants. These are two vastly different groups, and they need to be treated accordingly. A pure recruit is NOT somebody who needs a job, an applicant usually does. A pure recruit is not in pursuit of us, we must pursue them. I frequently see hiring managers and HR managers, however, put all applicants into the same pool. This is wrong, and will not work.

I don’t know what to attribute this to- ego? pride? habit? Whatever it is, it is WRONG.  A recruit needs to be pursued, and it’s the role of the Hiring Manager, with the recruiter, to do exactly that. You cannot, therefore, expect that the employed recruited prospect will be the one showing the initial interest. You don’t ask that person to “go online and fill out our company application”, or take 30 minutes to fill out these questions, forms, etc….. This is a person who does not need a job, but I see this every week. The HR manager will say- “They are not showing initiative”, or “they are not following up”….. This is a person who is totally misunderstanding what recruiting is all about. Recruiting is an ACTIVE process it’s an activity, or a pursuit, not a billboard or an invitation.

Just because you are playing a game of softball on Sunday afternoon does not mean you are TRYING OUT for that team! Huge difference.

If you want to recruit somebody, it is YOUR responsibility to pursue THEM, not them pursue YOU. You have to get to know them, understand them, and try to determine if they would be better off on your team, or not. You don’t do this by reviewing a resume. Just because somebody agrees to apply for your opening does NOT automatically mean they are the ones who will be showing urgency. Why should they? They are working, they are busy, they are making good money….. This is why a recruiter is called in the first place, to GO AFTER candidates who are already working somewhere.


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