Why the most qualified candidate may not get the job


If they don’t like you, they won’t hire you! It’s as simple as that. Having the right qualifications, education, experience, and references is not enough to land that job you are seeking. They have to LIKE YOU. Some candidates fail to appreciate this, and come strutting into the interview, cocky, over-confident, and then waxing eloquent, bragging about their credentials, only to see an early exit. Dale Carnegie said it best: “If somebody knows you and likes you, they will want to help you.” The same is true with candidates. People hire who they LIKE, who they want to work with, who they can envision contributing to the team chemistry, NOT necessarily the most qualified. You must remember this. Listening skills, politeness, kindness, and a positive interview-this is how you move forward in the process, not by strutting around your greatness. Just last week I saw the BEST candidate leave the office early just because nobody like him. “who would want to work with this guy?” was the consensus. They hired a person who they knew would be a solid and dependable worker, a person with a positive outlook who was NICE to others, who was a good listener, and who had high values and integrity. Don’t forget this!

Subjective you say? absolutely, just like love and friendship is, so is “Chemistry”. When my Clients detail the reasons they LIKE and are drawn to certain candidates, this is what they mean.

1. They like people who are not SELF ABSORBED! Talking too much, for example, is a sign of a person who is all about themselves. The self-absorbed person is telling lots of stories, bragging, interrupting others, and basically making the entire interview all about THEM. It’s NOT all about YOU, it’s all about this company, and their needs. Hiring managers want candidates who are COMPANY or CUSTOMER focused!

2. They like to hire NICE and FRIENDLY people. Many people get comfortable in an interview only to start knocking people around, complaining, tweaking, and bad mouthing, even people they worked for, and companies who paid them. The candidates who get hired stay POSITIVE. They don’t badmouth others, they don’t start ranting about politics and smashing the President or the Senate…. Some just can’t help themselves from nagging, bitching, moaning, complaining, blaming, ……Be Happy, Be Positive, Be Kind, Gentle, compassionate, caring…..You show this by how you treat the person in the parking lot or at the front desk, and trust me, hiring managers DO go out after you have left and they take the time to ask the rest of the team what they felt about the impression you left!

3. Companies like to hire people who have integrity and good values- people who embrace family, God, Health, and who love life and others.



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