Using Professional References- BEWARE!


If you are interviewing for a new job you MUST have good professional references who will go “on record” verifying your work ethic and job performance. How you utilize these references is very important.

The top-notch professionals have NOTHING to hide. Speaking with references always bears this out. You want to use only professional references, as they are more objective about your BUSINESS acumen. You need to alert your references when you know a prospective and potential new employer will be contacting them. DO NOT ASSUME that your references will always give you a glowing reference. You need to ASK them candidly, “What will you say about me professionally if you get a call?”. Also, there are certain references you do NOT want to use simply because they are blabbermouths and will tell everybody in the industry. Males who are sales professionals are the WORST. There is one individual here on the West Coast who is very much held in high regard by all the suppliers. He is a good customer, and naturally the wholesale manufacturers always hope he gives them a good recommendation. HE cannot be trusted, however, and year after year I know of many candidates whose anonymity has been broken because of him. Try to use, therefore, discretion about WHO you list, else your boss and colleagues will know you are interviewing elsewhere! The green industry and Agriculture is a little ghetto type of community, BE CAREFUL!

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