Interviewing Tips


Interviewing Tips

1. Come prepared! The BEST candidates are those who take the time to understand the company, the people, the culture, the business, the competition, etc.

2. Make the BEST FIRST IMPRESSION you can. Most hiring managers agree that they have made up their mind about moving candidates forward within the first 15 minutes, and spend the rest of the interview confirming this conclusion. Look the part! Dress, grooming, handshake, eye contact, smile, energy, body language and posture….these are crucial to making a first impression.

3. Be a better listener than talker!Don’t wax eloquent, but pace yourself, ask good questions, and engage the person who is interviewing you. NEVER ramble with long answers!

4. Come prepared with WRITTEN questions! About the job itself- the job responsibilities,  the company organization, history, the management team and style, the current health and focus of the company, the short and long-term objectives and opportunities….

5. Come with professional references-  People you have directly worked with who can provide confirmation about what you have done, where, and with who.

6. Bring your resume! Don’t assume because you sent one that they will have it in their possession. 70% of the time they leave it in their office on their desk, but are interviewing in another room….

7. TELL them you want to move forward in the process, and that you are excited about the job.

8. DO NOT bring up the subject of compensation! That subject is appropriate for the SECOND interview, not the first. If they bring this up then try to stick to a range, don’t give a specific number.

9. Get business cards so you can follow-up with a well thought out professional follow-up note.

10. Be positive, enthusiastic, complimentary, responsive, kind, and show respect and professionalism. Your ONLY thoughts need to be “Why would hiring you be the best business decision for this company?”

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